Black Leather Jackets

1 2 (WNB)
Image 1 : Black Leather Jacket Extracted From :



Autumn Street Style
Image 2 : Black Leather Jacket                                    Extracted from :


2 3 (WNB)
Image 3 : Black Leather Jacket Extracted from :


2 4  (WNB).jpg
Image 4 : Patterns Black Jackets Extracted from :


“Biker jackets are one of our best performing categories and comprise 25 per cent of our jacket buy every season,” says Linda Ayepe, a buyer at

Slide on that black leather jacket, and maybe some boots, and channel a girl’s inner bad girl for the evening. Pairing with one piece black dress and black high heel will looks more feminine and sexy.

The combination of the leather jacket, crop top, red skirt and boots is both a bit rocker but still feminine. Nowadays there are more different patterns and designs of leather black jackets to choose from. 


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